I am a graduate of Balance Massage School in Waterbury, VT, where I studied Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofacial release massage techniques. Throughout my life I have been captivated by the power of touch, and I believe that this work has been calling to me. Often over the years I have asked myself the question, "How can I take all the love and compassion in my heart and use that to feed and nurture others?" 

To my delight, that question (along with many others) was answered as I began to study the art of body work. From the very beginning of my education as a massage therapist, I had a clear image of this work being much like a river: always moving, rhythmic, healing, and with many channels coming together to create one body.

The first of these channels (and, I would say, the foundation of my education) is a deep knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body. 

The second channel is tuning in to my intuition; moving more fully towards being able to hear what each body is saying by reading muscle tissue and noticing how the client responds to treatment. 

The third confluence of this beautiful moving body of work is something that can't really be taught as much as it can be nurtured and explored: How to create and hold space in which I am truly in service to each client. One of my most important responsibilities as a massage therapist is to create a space for you to feel safe both energetically and physically; to feel no judgement, so you can relax deeply and be able to receive the full benefits of body work. 

My intention is for each one of my clients to feel heard, sink in deeper, and leave feeling nurtured, healthy, and more connected to their own body.